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Gary Busey throws team under the boardroom bus on 'Celebrity Apprentice'

Douglas Gorenstein / NBC

Gary Busey on "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice."

On Sunday night, Team Power nabbed another rare victory on "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" when they bested Plan B in a video ad battle. But the real battle of the night was between Plan B's project manager and the rest of the team.

Gary Busey headed the effort for the Bs -- which mainly consisted of an ad featuring Busey transforming into a mechanical dog -- and his teammates knew how it would end from the start.

"I think we're on Team Moby Dick, and Ahab is in charge," Penn Jillette said.

So no matter what Jillette or Lisa Rinna proposed, Busey wasn't going to budge. That is, until he found himself on the wrong side of the boardroom.

Once Busey learned his concepts didn't charm the client du jour, he suggested the real problem was with Jillette and Rinna all along -- they undermined him.

But boardroom boss Donald Trump just wasn't buying what Busey was selling. After much bickering, including Busey's claim that Rinna yelled and screamed at him and Jillette just didn't help, Trump settled it.

"Gary, you're fired!"