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Diane Keaton drinks wine on 'Ellen,' gets serious case of the giggles

You could say that Diane Keaton has made a career out of appearing, well, endearingly goofy. She's a smart, successful, Oscar-winning actress to be sure -- but on talk shows and in movie roles alike, she often comes across as being at least metaphorically pixilated.

On "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Tuesday, that may have been literal: She held a big glass of red wine on ice while discussing her new film, "The Big Wedding," and things got goofier from there.

Her character in the film is interested in Tantric sex, and Keaton was hesitant about talking about that on the show, but DeGeneres encouraged her: "Let's try it. Let's see how far you're going."

"I don't want to get taken off the air," said Keaton.

DeGeneres laughed. "You're going to be in jail for profanity, public drunkenness...."

Keaton began: "The character I played was somebody else, so I'm not going to be blamed for this," she said, noting that her "Wedding" character had an interest in Tantric sex. "The definition is something like when you have Tantric sex you go for a long time and you have that thing called the orgasm for nine hours.... That's ridiculous!"

It may have been a bit of a strain on the 67-year-old actress: "I'm glad this movie is over," she laughed. "It's too weird." Then she had to fan herself "to calm down" and noted "the wine is not helping. I think I gotta go. 

But Ellen DeGeneres wasn't letting her get away with that so easily, asking her about her relationships and the fact that she's never been married. "Oh, I'd like to get married," said Keaton. "What happened was nobody ever asked me."

It's not likely to change, either, she added, giggling: "I don't think so -- not after this show!"

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