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Andy Dick's pro partner on 'Dancing With the Stars': 'I can get this man a 10!'

Craig Sjodin/ABC

Andy Dick and "Dancing With the Stars" pro Sharna Burgess.

Andy Dick and his pro dance partner Sharna Burgess earned yet another low score (18) on "Dancing With the Stars" Monday night after their samba failed to impress the show’s trio of critics.  

“It seems to be our pattern,” lamented Burgess to reporters after the live broadcast.

But the news wasn’t all bad -- there was also a group face-off, and the team that Dick was on earned a slightly higher score than the other one, so the funnyman didn't end the night in last place.

“It’s okay,” Dick said. “The dance for my daughter (in week four) was the most rewarding dance I’ve done, but this week’s was the most fun I’ve had!”

“Yeah, we had fun,” concurred Burgess.

“Maybe,” Dick playfully suggested, “we’re getting punished for having too much fun?”

The night wasn’t a total wash -- the actor-comedian shared the news that he’s been cast in a multi-camera sitcom pilot that will be shooting later this week. Also, Burgess felt that there was some good to be interpreted from head judge Len Goodman’s latest critique.

“When Len gives us a 6 he’s being a purist,” Burgess surmised. “He looks for technical ability, musicality -- all the things that make a dance routine. But what he said to us was worth more than a 10. He said (to Andy), ‘Don’t change what you’re doing. Keep doing what you’re doing.’

“That was an amazing compliment,” the pro dancer continued. “I bet he wishes he could give us a 10.”

“Len wants to give us a 10 in his heart,” Dick agreed. “But, in his mind, he’s not really allowed to. But what he did say gave us a license to go all the way to the mirror ball trophy!”

Should Dick make it to the finals, Burgess feels that getting a top score is something that’s attainable.  

“I want to go on record as saying that I believe, in a freestyle routine, I can get this man a 10,” Burgess stated. “That means we’ll have to go all the way to the finale!”

Not every couple, however, was able to extract something positive from the judges’ remarks.

“Some of their comments were a little unnecessary,” stated pro Peta Murgatroyd, who’s paired with "Bachelor" hunk Sean Lowe. “(Carrie Ann Inaba saying,) ’Go buy an iPod?’ You don’t need to say that. Just give me feedback I can use to work on with Sean for the next week.”

The fans agreed that Goodman was out of line in his critique of Lowe (which included a backhanded swipe at Dick) by booing him. Alas, that only prompted Goodman to fire back at audience members that they weren’t booing him very well!

“There needs to be a change in the booing,” dryly suggested Murgatroyd. “There needs to be something else -- like throwing a tomato at him.”

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