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'Glee' school shooting episode: 'Tasteless' or 'brilliant'? Fans weigh in

Adam Rose / FOX

Sam (Chord Overstreet, L) and Brittany (Heather Morris) on "Glee's" "Shooting Star" episode.

Just four months after 20 children and six educators were gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Conn., "Glee's" students and staff were terrorized by what they believed to be another school shooting.

Predictably, the controversial episode, titled "Shooting Star," invoked a spirited debate among fans of the hit musical dramedy on The Clicker's Facebook page.

"They should be ashamed," wrote Wendy Luxenburg, who criticized the show as "poorly written, completely manipulative and exploitative with a cop-out ending."

"Way, way, way too soon," complained Donald G Speirs. "But the show is so desperate to stay relevant that it has to grasp like this."

"This was a despicable and tasteless way to procure ratings," agreed Bruce Lennon.

Erin McLaughlin took issue with the quality and timing of the episode. "The show was poorly done (and) I think it was much too soon."

But not everyone agreed.

"I thought it was done brilliantly!" countered Krista Colitz Portincasa, who praised coach Sue Sylvester for taking the blame for her student. "It ... shows how deeply she cares and what she will do for someone she loves -- I told my daughters that this was a powerful episode and they must watch it."

Joanne Tardio Engel and Traci Hair believed "Shooting Star" offered an important perspective on the recent tragedies.

"The show did a great job on showing millions of viewers why they cannot forget what has happened over this past year in the so many (places) where the victims thought they were safe," noted Engel. "We need to keep this subject forefront in our minds so that something is done to prevent them from happening over and over again."

"I thought the episode was well done," praised Hair. "It made us remember how brave our teachers are in the face of such a horrific ordeal...For me it was heart stopping to think of my daughter ever having to face fear like that. This episode definitely showed to treasure each day and not take anything for granted...I'm not sure how anyone can find fault with that."

Kristina Daniels thought "Glee" offered an important way to foster dialogue about the Sandy Hook and Columbine tragedies, writing, "The parents and families will never forget those two dates and as Americans we shouldn't either! And if it takes a TV show to do a show about it to get people to talk about it again then so be it!"

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