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'Mad Men's' most memorable moments

Over five seasons and one tumultuous decade, "Mad Men" has delivered tears, laughter and one unforgettable bloodbath.

In anticipation of Sunday's sixth-season debut, here's a roundup of some of our favorite scenes from the critically acclaimed AMC drama.

'Zou Bisou Bisou'
Megan's surprise, sexy performance of the French hit single at her husband's birthday party in season five became an overnight sensation and made Jessica Paré a household name.

Don Draper says 'What?'
The suave advertising executive is a man of few words, and this four-letter interrogative is one of his favorite comebacks. From disdain to shock, Jon Hamm injects a paragraph's worth of feeling into this pithy reaction and almost always draws a laugh.

Peggy comforts grieving Don
"That's not true," Peggy said when her sobbing boss said he lost "the only person in the world who ever knew me" after Anna Draper's death in season four. That indelible TV moment revealed the profound and complex relationship between the former secretary and her mentor. (A photo of the normally self-possessed sobbing also inspired the satirical Sad Don Draper Internet meme.)

Lane Pryce punches Pete
"I can't believe the hours I've put into helping you become the monster you've become," the aggrieved accountant said in season five as he proceeded to roll up his sleeves and knock out the "grimy little pimp." (And this was before Campbell pimped out Joan for the Jaguar account.) We're going to miss you, Lane.

The John Deere bloodbath
"I can't believe I'm going to miss this," Joan said at her going-away party -- just before a secretary ran over the foot of London boss Guy MacKendrick with their new client's riding mower in season three's hilariously titled "Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency." Surrounded by her drunk and hysterical colleagues, Joan coolly saved the man's life by applying a tourniquet to his gruesome wound.

Everything Roger Sterling says
Drunk or sober, we can always count on the silver-haired lothario to lighten even the darkest scenes with his one-liners. No one -- including himself -- is immune from his sharp zingers, which are almost always punctuated by pouring a drink or lighting cigarette.

Season six of "Mad Men" premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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