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Reality TV is going down the toilet -- literally

Destination America

There are reality television shows about giving your friends, house, restaurant — even your dog — a makeover. But this summer, makeover shows will literally come to a head with the premiere of Destination America’s latest offering.

“King of Thrones," which is currently in production, will take viewers into the exciting world of toilet- and bathroom-remodeling. According to the New York Post, each episode will follow Jeff Hoxie and his company, Hoxie Homes and Remodeling, as he strives to give his customers the pimped-out potty room of their dreams. From installing a solid-gold urinal to creating a glass-enclosed “throne,” Hoxie and a team of contractors will stop at nothing in their quest to create a tricked-out toilet.

Yep. It’s official: There's a reality TV show about just about everything now.

Although “King of Thrones” is the first to tackle the topic of toilets, it’s certainly not the first reality show to focus on an obscure job. Here are just a few of the other strange reality shows that have made their way to the boob tube in recent years.

'Hillbilly Blood'
This show, which also airs on Destination America, takes viewers inside the world of two Appalachian mountain men. The show follows hillbilly pals Spencer and Eugene as they learn to make moonshine from the holler's top bootlegger, and help a local preacher fetch snakes to be used in an upcoming Pentecostal church service.

'Best Funeral Ever'
This TLC show follows the day-to-day happenings of the Golden Gate Funeral Home in Dallas. The show's star, funeral director John Beckwith Jr., specializes in creating themed memorial services for his clients to honor their deceased love ones. From organizing a barbecue-themed service (complete with a rib-dipping ceremony!) to hiring professional mourners to "beef up" funerals that are short on attendees, nothing is too outlandish for Beckwith and his team.

'Celebrity Nightmares Decoded'
Have you ever wondered what your nightmares mean? More important, have you ever wondered what the nightmares of the guy that played Peter Brady on "The Brady Bunch" mean? "Celebrity Nightmares Decoded," which airs on the Biography Channel, follows dream analyst and author Lauren Lawrence as he sits down with celebrities to find the meaning behind their most horrifying dreams.

'American Hoggers'
"American Hoggers" on A&E documents the Campbells, a family dedicated to saving the people of Texas from destructive wild hogs. Patriarch Jerry, along with his adult children, not only have to battle these beastly boars, but must also compete with other area "hoggers" for the title of "Boss Hog of Texas."

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