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Jimmy Fallon: 6 skits that made him a 'Late Night' star


Jimmy Fallon as Lord Fallon in a "Downton Sixbey"

Looking for proof that Jimmy Fallon has the chops to take over "The Tonight Show" in spring 2014? Look no farther than the man's comedy sketches for evidence of his mad skills.

While his time at "Saturday Night Live" certainly offered up a chance to hone his impersonations, and his time co-anchoring "Weekend Update" with Tina Fey from 2000 to 2004 gave him experience behind the desk, Fallon really showed his late night stuff with his "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" sketches.

Here are some of the most memorable ones that propelled the comedian from stand-up comedy to TV's most enviable hosting gig.

'Whip My Hair'
Fallon hilariously covered Willow Smith's 2010 debut single in the guise of Neil Young -- which became a duet with Bruce Springsteen when The Boss made a surprise stop on "Late Night."

Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young (Jimmy Fallon) appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to perform "Whip My Hair."

'Slow Jam the News'
In one of "Late Night's" staples, Fallon and his house band, The Roots, jazz up the dullest latest news with smooth grooves. In April 2012, President Barack Obama lent his velvety vocals to a riff on student loan interest rates.

When Jimmy talks to the UNC audience about student loans, he decides a slow jam with President Obama and The Roots is appropriate.

'History of Rap'
With pop star and five-time "SNL" host Justin Timberlake, Fallon and The Roots perform a chronological medley featuring some of the most influential rappers and hip-hop artists over the decades. Here's their fourth installment, with riffs on LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Salt N Pepa, the Beastie Boys, Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, Fiddy, Eminem and so many more.

'Robert Is Bothered'
In the "Twilight" film's heyday, Fallon took on star Robert Pattinson in a spoof of the British heartthrob's angry rant about Thanksgiving. To wit: "You murder a turkey, rip out its insides and shove a bunch of bread up its butt and you expect me to eat it and say thanks?! Well I'll speak for the turkey and just say f--- me."

'Jersey Floor'
What happens when you punch the Jersey Floor button on the elevator? GTL and an instant Guido/Guidette makeover, in the wild "Late Night" parody of the MTV series. The series' best "hotties in the hizzouse" have to be Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, "stalkers" who forced Fallon's terrified "J-BRO" and his gang to flee from the club.

'Downton Sixbey'
Fallon plays the family patriarch in the spoof of the acclaimed British period drama, and in the fourth episode, is forced to marry off his daughter, Lady Hedith -- played by Fred Armisen -- to Questlove. As the earl's wife, Brooke Shields does a top-notch impression of Elizabeth McGovern's Lady Crawley, but Whoopi Goldberg steals the show in episode four as Questlove's disapproving mother.

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