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D.L. Hughley slams 'Dancing With the Stars' judge: 'He is making this a very unpleasant experience!'

"Dancing With the Stars" judges don't normally offer critiques on Tuesday results shows, but that didn't stop Len Goodman from reiterating his opinion from Monday's show that D.L. Hughley simply isn't one of the show's better celeb dancers.

Adam Taylor / ABC

D.L. Hughley, right, with pro partner Cheryl Burke and host Tom Bergeron, on "Dancing With the Stars."

Host Tom Bergeron was putting it mildly when he described the dynamic between Goodman and Hughley as "tense." That tension may continue next week since it was country crooner Wynonna Judd -- and not Hughley -- who went home last night.

"I thought it was out of line," Hughley told TODAY.com of Goodman's encore critique.

And the comedian warned that he won't stand for much more.

"I'm not going to keep being the butt of his jokes," maintained Hughley, who walked the post-show red carpet sans pro partner Cheryl Burke last night. "I've asked myself, 'What did I do to this guy?'"

"At a certain point, you can only ignore what people do to you for so long," he continued. "It was uncomfortable for me (standing there and taking it). It would be like inviting guests to your home and then dumping all over them!"

But don't expect the standup comedian to use the microphone each week to respond to the judges. He will, in fact, be using his feet to show how he feels.

"I don't sit and plan. My energy is divided between working every weekend and learning these new dances. They say that success is the best revenge. (Len) will have a chance to see me dance next week!"

Might producers be staging a rivalry between the two to drive ratings? "I don't know," "The Original Kings of Comedy" star mused. "I don't feel trapped here. If I did, I'd leave."

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