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Exclusive look: Tom Selleck, Bon Jovi help Discovery reveal wonders of 'North America'

Traveling is a mind-opening experience -- but exploring the whole of North America is pretty much out of reach for even the most ambitious. Fortunately, the Discovery Channel is hoping to bring some of that vast North American experience home to viewers starting in May with a seven-part series narrated by Tom Selleck with music from Bon Jovi.

An exclusive look at Discovery's epic seven-part series "North America."

Anyone who enjoyed "Planet Earth," "Frozen Planet" and "Africa" on Discovery should feel right at home with "North America," and may be surprised to learn a few things, including the factoid that the continent is the only one out there that experiences every single type of climate daily.

According to the network, filmmakers spent over 2,800 days on 250 separate expeditions and battled natural disasters like Hurricane Irene to secure never-before-captured scenes -- including images of of the desert jaguar in Mexico and Alaskan grizzly bears diving in 20 feet of water to get their fish dinner.

A "Making Of" episode is also scheduled to give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at how the filmmakers captured their 850 hours of footage.

Check out the exclusive clip for a preview of what's to come on "North America," and check out the first episode on Sunday, May 19 at 9 p.m. on Discovery.

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