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Contestant shoots down Adam Levine on 'The Voice'

Trae Patton / NBC

Audrey Karrasch wasn't shy about telling coach Adam Levine exactly what was on her mind.

Blake Shelton went 1-2 on Tuesday night’s blind audition episode of “The Voice,” ending Adam Levine’s one-night run of stealing his country acts, but losing a former model to Usher’s winning smile.

Ironically, the singer Blake liked first is the one who got away.

Audrey Karrasch not only had the looks and the voice to succeed, she’s also got the spunk. Three of the four judges turned their chairs around for her, with Blake doing so a nanosecond after her first note. But when Adam, the lone judge to keep his back to her, tried to offer her advice, she shot him down.

“You didn't even turn around. Why do you care?" she said, instantly becoming a fan favorite. Because who hasn’t wanted to say that to Adam, or any of the other judges, at some point this season?

Audrey eventually went with Usher, but Blake had better luck with the final singer of the night.

Savannah Berry got everyone but Usher to turn around with one of the most memorable vocals of a bland night. This time, it was Adam who was instantly smitten while Blake held off until late in the song. But when she cited Miranda Lambert as one of her influences, Adam closed his eyes and banged the back of his head against the chair. Not surprisingly, the 17-year-old who once sang with Sugarland went with Mr. Miranda Lambert.

“It’s so easy. It’s just so easy,” Blake said. It was especially easy to predict because he hadn’t won a featured contestant yet on the episode, and the credits were about to roll.

Aside from that, both Shakira and Usher were the lone judges to have faith in a particular contestant. Brandon Rouch won over the never-to-be-underestimated Colombian with his cover of “With a Little Help from My Friends,” while Orlando Dixon’s family sounded like they had already given up by the time Usher turned around his chair at the last minute.

Memphis, Tenn., native Patrick Dodd went wild and crazy and sang Mark Cohn’s “Walking in Memphis.” His raspy voice compelled both Adam and Shakira to compete for him, with the Maroon 5 frontman taking the honors.

“Shakira deserves him and you ought to be ashamed of yourself,” Blake told Adam.

Agina Alvarez wasn’t featured, but longtime fans of the show will remember her from her failed audition a year ago. Her second chance (well, fourth chance if you count the two failed record deals that were discussed last season) paid off, and she’ll be on Team Adam this time around.

Betsy Barta wasn’t so lucky, as the street musician didn’t inspire anyone to pick her.

With one more week to go in the auditions, Shakira has nine singers under her wing, with three spots left to fill. Adam and Usher each have eight, while Blake still has room for a lot of Miranda Lambert disciples as he has just seven of his 12 spots taken.

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