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Fired 'Celebrity Apprentice' Omarosa: Piers Morgan is 'creepy' and 'obsessed'



Omarosa is not to be trifled with -- anyone who's seen her on a reality show should know that by now. But that didn't stop her fellow contestants on "Celebrity Apprentice" from getting her ire up. Fired on Sunday night, Omarosa came away from the show with a lawsuit aimed at fellow contestant La Toya Jackson, and is now leveling accusations of "obsessed" and "creepy" at boardroom advisor Piers Morgan.

"I have never seen a judge stalk a contestant the way (Morgan) stalked me this season," she told TODAY's Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb on Tuesday. "Look how he is, it's not make-believe. He is obsessed. It's really creepy."

As for the La Toya lawsuit, that's not just words; though Jackson has expressed regret at suggesting that Omarosa was responsible for the death of her beau Michael Clarke Duncan, Omarosa is not letting it go -- she's suing.

(Jackson's statements on the show included: "Omarosa's fiance passed away not long ago. He had a heart attack, I'm sure she gave it to him" and "She’s a conniving, scheming, cut-throat, probably pulled the cord on Michael Duncan Clarke (sic) … and I thought Mr. Trump was falling for that fake cry. Such a lie!")

"I think it's the ugliest statement ever made in the history of reality TV," said Omarosa. "When you mess with the legacy of a man who was just so kind and so sweet ... it has to be corrected."

Still, Omarosa is surprised she didn't get pink-slipped earlier. "Oh, I should have been fired, like week two," she chuckled. "I made a big move early in the game, taking out Brett Michaels ... and I think the other contestants thought, 'If she can take out Brett Michaels, she'll all of us out.' So they came together to try and get rid of me."

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