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5 worst dances on 'Dancing With the Stars'


Bristol Palin, Kate Gosselin and Michael Bolton have each delivered sub par dances on "Dancing."

Bad dances are pretty much a given on "Dancing With the Stars," at least in the early weeks of a season. After all, the premise is to take celebs with little to no dance experience and turn them into graceful soft-shoes within a matter of 10 short weeks. Sure, the results are sometimes more goofy fun than fancy, but when the hopefuls put in the effort, even bad moves can be overlooked for the entertainment value and heart they deliver. (We're looking at you, Andy Dick and Carson Kressley!)

And then there are the rare contestants who appear as if they can't really be bothered to try as hard as everyone else. Take, for example, Wynonna Judd's dud of a samba Monday night. She was so stiff, head judge Len Goodman compared her to Mount Rushmore, and Clicker readers questioned in our weekly "DWTS" chat whether she could actually move.

Rough as the country singer's 15-point dance was, it may not be quite as bad as some of the performances from the show's previous seasons. Take a look at some of the ballroom bash's lowest efforts:

Master P, season 2
Oh, where to start! Master P had quite a few bombs his season, but among his roughest was his week-four paso doble. The rapper walked his way through his performance with pro partner Ashley DelGrosso, displaying no effort whatsoever. "It was a nightmare," judge Bruno Tonioli declared. Len said the audience was being cruel by continuing to vote Master P through. The score? An embarrassing 8 out of 30, the lowest in the show's history.

Bristol Palin, season 11
The reality personality spent much of her first stint on "DWTS" at or near the bottom of the scoreboard, but viewer votes and overly generous judges kept her going. Among her most questionable performances was her week-five jive, which featured her and pro partner Mark Ballas in gorilla suits, dancing to "The Monkees" theme song. (No, we're not joking.) Despite countless missed steps and offbeat moves, the panel gave her 18 points.

Michael Bolton, season 11
The singer may have a smooth voice, but he doesn't have slick moves. The judges dinged him in week one for being too stiff, and his week-two jive wasn't any better. He and pro partner Chelsie Hightower kicked off their performance with the singer crawling out of a dog house to "Hound Dog," and he continued on to deliver a stiff, flub-filled dance that less than impressed with a whopping score of 12. (Len even went as far as to say the performance needed a Pooper Scooper. Ouch!)

Steve Wozniak, season 8
The Apple co-founder seemed intent on trying his best and having some fun, but sometimes, fun just isn't enough -- especially when an injury impairs one's dance ability even more. The tech guy danced through the pain of a hamstring injury with pro Karina Smirnoff for their week-three samba. Despite his cheerful demeanor, Woz wasn't able to make his problematic samba work, and received only 10 points.

Kate Gosselin, season 10
The mom of eight wanted to tell her story with her week-three paso doble with pro Tony Dovolani to the Lady Gaga tune "Paparazzi." It seemed fitting, considering her headline-making life and the strong demeanor required of the dance. But fitting doesn't always mean right. What the reality personality delivered was a stiff, rhythm-less paso that left viewers and the judges wanting. "The whole thing was too pedestrian. It was just walking around," Len complained. Her reward? An overscored 15.

What do you think is the worst dance you've seen on "Dancing With the Stars"? Tell us on our Facebook page! 

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