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'Celebrity Apprentice' shocker: Donald Trump finally fires …


Could it be? Did it actually happen? After weeks of hearing obviously intimidated project managers complain about how "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" villain Omarosa should be sacked (although not one of them ever brought her back to face the big boss), did someone finally have the guts to put her on the chopping block?


But the credit doesn't all go to Team Power's latest pm, Lil Jon. The man who really deserves a share of the bragging rights is none other than boardroom advisor Piers Morgan.

Back in January, the former "Apprentice" champ told the Clicker that he was all too happy to set his sights on Omarosa.

"When Donald Trump asked me to be his boardroom adviser on two of the new 'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice' challenges, I realized this would give me a unique opportunity to get Omarosa fired all over again," he said. "I saw it as a public duty on behalf of all Americans."

Well, he made good on that duty Sunday night, warning her team just what they were up against with her.

"My advice to the rest of the team is to treat Omarosa like a sleeping crocodile," he explained. "Remember: One false move, she will bite your hand off, your leg off and if she can get it, your head."

In the boardroom, Morgan was just as ruthless, reminding Team Power and Trump just who the problem player was -- again and again.

"I have a right to fight for my life in this game as much as anyone else," Omarosa said when she felt particularly attacked by Morgan.

"And I have a right to extinguish it if I can," he shot back.

And with a little help from Lil Wayne and a lot of help from Trump, he did just that.

"Omarosa, I adore you. We've had tremendous success together," Trump said, adding that her performance in the first season of "The Apprentice" helped make him a star. But all the same, "You're fired."

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