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'The Walking Dead' finale: Most memorable scenes

Gene Page / AMC

Andrea (Laurie Holden) in the season three finale of "The Walking Dead."

"The Walking Dead's" third-season finale delivered plenty of shockers to keep us talking until the zombie apocalypse hit returns in October.

The biggest surprise? Probably that the Governor survived after gunning down most of the Woodbury forces. Or how about Carl's coldblooded killing of a (supposedly) surrendering soldier?

Andrea's death was almost a given -- most fans had expected her to be one of the major characters we'd lose this year. Her farewell was a touching tribute to the woman who tried so hard to broker peace between Woodbury and her former comrades.

"Carl ... the rest of them?" she asked Rick, who insisted she was always part of their original group.

"The rest of us," he corrected, as he, Daryl and Michonne discovered that the wounds inflicted by Milton-turned-walker were fatal.

(If they hadn't spent so much time chatting she probably could have escaped with her pretty pedicure, but there's no point in quibbling now.)

Like peacenik Dale before her, Andrea begged to die on her own terms -- except she wanted to pull the trigger herself.

"I know how the safety works," she joked to Rick, a lovely throwback to her dubious firearm skills in season one.

Only her partner Michonne witnessed Andrea's final act; the men stepped outside and we heard the gunshot from their perspective.

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