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Andy Cohen's favorite 'Real Housewives' star? NeNe Leakes -- at least for now

Bravo bigwig Andy Cohen launched the network's ever-growing, always-popular franchise, "The Real Housewives," in 2006. What started with a few privileged, entertaining and often-argumentative women from the O.C., eventually expanded to include the dozens of frequent feuders from coast to coast.

On Friday morning, Cohen visited TODAY and fielded a couple of questions about the leading ladies on the shows -- questions that he wasn't exactly eager to answer.

For instance, which Housewife is his personal favorite?

"That is horrible! That is a terrible question," he said with a smile as he mulled it over. "I would get in terrible trouble. ... I love when any of them really succeed."

And that means he's really loving one woman right now.

"You know, NeNe Leakes is going through a major period of success -- from, of course, 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta,'" he shared. "She's got a starring role in 'The New Normal' on NBC. I'm especially proud of her right now."

There's even more for Cohen to be proud of where Leakes is concerned.

After several years of fussing and fighting, Leakes and her former "Real Housewives of Atlanta" co-star Kim Zolciak have finally buried the hatchet and gone back to being BFFs, a fact Leakes recently celebrated on Twitter.

As for Cohen, if he was a little reluctant to name his favorite Housewife, that's nothing compared to his reaction when asked to name his least favorite.

"Oh, yes! Let me tell everybody about it," he joked. "Yes! Let me rank my top five least favorite Housewives for you right now. No! Love them all for different reasons."

See more from Cohen on part two of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" reunion special Monday night, or see him on his own show, "Watch What Happens Live," which airs Sunday through Thursday nights -- both on Bravo.

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