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'Freakshow's' Armless Wonder threads a needle with his toes

Jim, otherwise known as The Armless Wonder, was born without arms or hands, but there's nothing he can't do. Don't believe it? You'll change your mind after watching this exclusive "Freakshow" clip AMC shared with The Clicker.

The cameras follow Jim performing his morning routine -- shaving, brushing his teeth, sipping coffee while reading the newspaper, sewing…

Hold up!

Yes, while, most of us can barely thread a needle with 10 fingers, Jim does it effortlessly with his toes.

"I don't consider myself disabled," Jim said. And why should he? He also writes, drives, plays sports and goes fishing.

"If you find something I can't do," he added, "then we'll talk."

We don't expect to be having that conversation anytime soon.

"Freakshow" airs Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. on AMC.

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