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Ariel Winter reprises role as 'Dora the Explorer' in live-action parody short

"Modern Family" star Ariel Winter is once again ready to battle evil as the live-action version of "Dora the Explorer" in the latest installment of a three-part online series from CollegeHumor.

In part two of "Dora the Explorer and the Destiny Medallion," Winter, once again sporting Dora's trademark backpack and bob haircut, attempts to find a magical medallion before her arch enemy, Swiper (now a masked man, rather than a cartoon fox) can.

The idea for the web series, which was written by Patrick Cassels and Benjamin Joseph, came after CollegeHumor released a mock movie trailer of what a live-action "Dora" adventure movie might look like. The fake trailer became such a viral sensation, garnering over 13 million hits on the website's YouTube channel, that CollegeHumor decided to expand the sketch and turn it into a web series.

Part one of the series, which was released earlier this month, features Dora, along with her friend Diego and monkey pal Boots, kicking some bad-guy butt in a bar. In the second part, Dora and company head to an ancient temple to solve a centuries-old riddle and battle Swiper and his gang.

While the live-action shorts pull heavily from the original cartoon -- with Dora talking directly to the camera and asking her audience for help with solving puzzles, right down to the over-exaggerated blinking -- the new clips are certainly not designed for a young audience, as they feature some foul language and, in part two, some comical (but graphic) violence.

The third and final part in the web series will be released by CollegeHumor on April 2.

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