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Donald Trump shocked by 'stupid decision' about Omarosa on 'Apprentice'


Omarosa made it through yet another episode of the boardroom competition.

Is it too soon to crown Omarosa the winner of the all-star season of "Celebrity Apprentice"? Sure, she might not be the strongest player, and she's already employed some of her signature low-blow tactics, but the reality TV villain has what it takes to make it to the end -- at least if the current boardroom trend continues.

On Sunday night, for the second week in a row, Omarosa was arguably the weakest link on Team Power, and the project manager wasn't shy about saying so. And despite that fact, for the second week in a row, the project manager didn't bring her back to the boardroom for a shot at getting fired.

What gives? Why would project manager Claudia Jordon make the same mistake that sent La Toya Jackson packing before her? Not even the big boss had the answer to that question.

"In the history of ‘The Apprentice' -- 13 seasons, top show -- I’ve been surprised, really, a few times," Donald Trump said. "The most surprised ever, EVER was when Omarosa didn't get brought back in the last one with La Toya. That was shocking. I think the second (most shocking) is that you didn't bring back Omarosa (this time). … I think it’s a stupid decision."

But that wasn't Claudia's only stupid decision on Sunday night's show. In addition to not bringing Omarosa back, she thought it would be a good idea to put Lil Jon on the chopping block -- the man executives called the star of the most recent challenge.

Ultimately, it wasn't really important who Claudia picked to stand beside her. According to Trump, it wouldn't have changed her fate.

"If Omarosa were brought back, it wouldn't have mattered," he insisted. "You're the project manager, you failed."

So Claudia was fired.

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