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Who's really to blame for TV spoilers?

Second only to the boob tube itself, the DVR may be the best invention that ever came around for TV fans. No need to worry about making it home in time for prime time. No need to fret about watching one show when another favorite is on at the same time. Heck, there's no need to even bother watching a full season as it airs. But while the DVR solved a lot of problems, it -- along with services like Hulu and Netflix -- created a new one.

You might choose to delay your TV gratification, but that doesn't mean others will. When must-see TV happens, viewers -- and, ahem, TV blogs -- will have something to say about it. Whether on Facebook, Twitter or just around the water cooler, spoilers abound.

The question is whose fault is it if you get spoiled? Once a program airs coast-to-coast, the content seems fair game. Should the rest of the world wait an indefinite period before feeling free to talk about a shocking twist or a highly-anticipated finale?

According to Slate senior editor Dan Kois, it's a case of viewer beware.

"If you care enough about a show that it would bother you to be spoiled, then watch the show when it airs," Kois told TODAY. "And if you can't watch the show, it's incumbent upon you to stay off Twitter, stay off the Internet, and don't talk to your friends who watch the show."

Kois also stressed that time eliminates the need for all spoiler alerts.

"You can't say, 'Omar got killed on 'The Wire,'' because someone will say, 'Oh! I just started the DVDs and I'm on season three, and I can't believe you did that to me!' That show was on in, like, 2002," he said with a laugh.

It's a topic TODAY's Savanah Guthrie knows about all too well. Following "Downton Abbey's" tragic season ender, she couldn't wait to share her reaction to, well, spoiler alert....

"All I did was just remark that I was sorry at the loss of Matthew," she said.

The response she got for that offense? "Two words for you: Twitter rage."

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