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'Strange Addiction's' blood guzzler shares rules for drinking human juice


We recently learned about Michelle, the subject of the upcoming season finale of "My Strange Addiction" who has a real penchant for pig blood. But as it turns out, there's more to Michelle's addiction than just that. In fact, the porcine elixir is a distant second to her real beverage of choice: human blood.

In a new clip from the TLC show, the tattoo artist shares her very specific sanguinarian rules.

"I always make sure it's from somebody that I'm close to, somebody that I would consider a best friend, a partner, a lover -- somebody that I know inside and out," Michelle explained.

Here's hoping it's also someone who's had a blood test recently, as lab results tend to be a bit more reliable than a sense of closeness. But hey, Michelle has her own priorities when it comes to harvesting the nectar of life -- like where to start when drinking straight from the source.

"It's either got to be the upper arm, or it's got to be in the elbow area or upper back, inner thigh," the 29-year-old insisted. "I try to avoid the neck 'cause that's way too cliché."

Totally. And you know what else is cliché? Vampires. Sure, Michelle might have the standard issue, goth-requisite "Bela Lugosi's Dead" Bauhaus poster on her wall, but she's not trying copy the night crawlers.

"I do not want to categorize myself as a vampire," she said. "I'm simply somebody that enjoys blood -- quite a lot."

Got it?

See more of Michelle's not-at-all vampire-ish behavior when the season finale of "My Strange Addiction" airs Wednesday 9 p.m. on TLC.

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