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Selena Gomez gets in a Justin Bieber zinger on 'Late Show'

While Justin Bieber has been making headlines for falling apart on his current tour, his ex Selena Gomez is making jokes about breaking up.

Gomez stopped by the "Late Show" for a chat with David Letterman on Monday night and he asked the 20-year-old "Spring Breakers" star if she was dating any boys. She said no, not yet.

"I remember the last time you were here you were with Justin Bieber," Letterman said. "That's not going on now?"

"No, I'm single. I'm so good," Gomez said.

Letterman went on to say that the last time Bieber was on his show, he got into a conversation with the pop star, "and I made him cry."

Gomez laughed, slapped Letterman on the knee and shot back,"Well then, that makes two of us."

The crowd roared, Letterman lost it and Gomez blushed as it became apparent that her burn was indeed said out loud.

Well played, indeed.

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