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'Teen Mom 2's' Jenelle says hello to boobs, goodbye to Kieffer


Jenelle Evans on "Teen Mom 2"

There's more of Jenelle Evans to, um, love. Like we saw on the original "Teen Mom" series with Farrah "Here for Boobs" Abraham, this week's episode of "Teen Mom 2" documented Jenelle's breast implant surgery … and its painful aftermath.

Fortunately, she had her bad-boy boyfriend, Kieffer Delp, by her side. After asking thoughtful questions like, "How are your friends going to feel from the Itty-Bitty T---y Committee?" he basically ignored his sugar mama, leaving her roommate and her "warried" mom to play nurse.

They certainly weren't going to let Kieffer administer his girlfriend's pain medication; instead, the women hid it so the convicted felon couldn't take it himself.

But K.Delp's inattention gave Jenelle plenty of time to text her ex, Gary Head, whose flowers and support persuaded the Teen Mom to toss out the human loofah sponge.  (Wonder who paid for his bus ticket back to Jersey?)

Gary didn't waste any time, and quickly dropped by for a snuggle with the brand-new C-cupper. Happily ever after!

The other "Teen Mom" storylines were particularly moving Monday night -- but only in the literal sense. The fast-forward button came in handy for the other moms' yawn-inducing segments: Javi moved in with Kailyn, Jeremy moved back in with Leah and the girls, and Chelsea whined about moving to a new place (because her landlord is kicking her out). 

"I'm so frustrated," the pampered 21-year-old whined to her overindulgent papa. "I went from having hardly anything on my plate to a whole ton!"

To be clear: "A whole ton" for Chelsea means going to beauty school full-time while her parents find her a new home and help her move.

At least Chelsea handles her "stress" differently than her co-stars. In next week's episode, Jenelle huffs off to puff after a screaming match with Babs, and Javi finds himself on the business end of Kailyn's famous anger mismanagement.

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