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'Game of Thrones' gets schooled in new parody web series

When will the fighting, the back-stabbing, the cliquishness of the clans end? Probably never on "Game of Thrones," and absolutely never on the new parody web series of that HBO hit, "School of Thrones."

The series, which premiered its first episode on Sunday, cleverly sets the adult and kid characters from "Game" in Westeros Valley High, where "Prom is Coming" (rather than winter). Some things are very familiar: Joffrey is insufferable, Sansa is moony-eyed over him, Daenerys is the new kid with a bit of a fire obsession, and Stannis is about to seriously blow his cool after Renly schedules a party that conflicts with his.

"Sorry, new girl, but you should hear this now: We can never be friends," Robb Stark tells Daenerys when they first run into one another outside school.

"The cliques at Westeros Valley High aren't allowed to intermingle," adds Jon Snow (awash in dark curls), with some regret.

"High school politics," adds Sansa.

They ride bikes rather than horses, and fling insults rather than daggers (and thus far, nobody's lost his or her head, at least not literally), but despite the locale change, this series is deliciously loyal to the sword-and-sorcery series that returns on March 31 for its third season. (All right, no nudity or real violence, but some light vulgar language.)

So check it out now! 

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