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Andy Dick suffers ballroom breakdown during 'Dancing With the Stars' practice


Andy Dick.

The new season of "Dancing With the Stars" is still a week away, but that doesn't mean the pressure hasn't already kicked in for the ballroom beginners. In fact, for one celebrity, the pre-show stress almost proved too much to handle.

"I had a breakdown. I just hit a wall," actor-comedian Andy Dick shared with "Entertainment Tonight." "I cried forever."

The problems mounted until Dick found himself lashing out at his pro partner, "Dancing" first-timer Sharna Burgess.

"When I'm not getting something, I just blamed her," he said. "'What are you doing wrong that I can't get it?!' But it's really me. I had to change my attitude and my concentration level because when I would get frustrated, I would shut down entirely."

And for the star who's struggled with addiction issues in the past, that's a problem.

"That's where I would hit the bottle in life in the old days," he explained. "('Dancing With the Stars') is better than rehab. This is like 13 rehabs condensed into one."

According to Dick, all is now well between him and Burgess, who he refers to as his "new therapist." And he won't let the stress get to him again, despite being "scared out of his pants."

"Nope, nope. But if I'm in the back alley with a bottle of vodka, you'll know I changed my mind," he said before adding, "No, that's not going to happen!"

See how Dick and the rest of the celebrities do in the ballroom bash when the 16th season of "Dancing With the Stars" kicks off on March 18.

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