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'Biggest Loser' shakeup: Top contestant doesn't make it to the end

It's the beginning of the end on "The Biggest Loser." On Monday night, the remaining contestants -- Jeff, Joe, Danni, Jackson and Gina -- made their last plays for a shot in the finale showdown, and of course, one of them fell short.

Trae Patton / NBC

The final five -- from left, Joe, Danni, Jeff, Jackson and Gina -- competed in the traditional "put the weight back on" challenge Monday.

The episode kicked off with a look back before leaping forward to the big action. Each of the players watched their very own then-to-now reel and few could believe their own transformations.

"Wow! I came onto this place a sick, sick kid," Jackson cried after watching his earlier self.

Danni said, "'The Biggest Loser' gave me my life," when she saw her body change before her eyes. And she soon learned what else the experience gave her.

Ranch doc Robert Huizenga looked over Danni's stats and told her that in addition to all the weight she's lost, she also gained 19 pounds of muscle -- an almost unheard of amount for such a short period of time.

"Such a massive amount, I didn't believe," Dr. H said. "I checked it three different ways."

The news was good for everyone, including kid participants Sunny (who resolved a number of health woes), Lindsay (who put pre-diabetes behind her) and Biingo (who dropped 25 percent of his starting weight).

 After all the accolades, it was time to get back to the battle.

The final five lined up for a twist on a "Biggest Loser" tradition -- the "put the weight back on" challenge. This time, they had to hike up a snowy mountain while dragging a sled behind them. At various markers on the path, they each had to stop and add the amount of weight they'd shed and pull it along with them. Completing the task gave them all a sense of accomplishment, but the contestant that completed the challenge first got something more -- a 1-pound advantage.

It was a close race, but Joe took it -- with Danni hot on his heels.

Once the grueling game was over, it was time for the real game to begin -- the weigh-in to determine who would go on to the finale.

Gina stepped up to the scales as the biggest loser on the ranch this season, having dropped more than 33 percent of her starting weight. But that didn't matter in the end. A season's worth of hard work earned her only the right to weigh in, not to win.

As it turned out, the most important weigh-in of the season didn't go her way. After losing just 2 pounds, Gina found herself below the dreaded red line and instantly out of the running.

That left four contestants in the mix for three spots. Danni and Jeff, who each shed a shocking 11 pounds, secured their places in the final showdown. But as for Joe and Jackson, their matching 5-pound losses left them below the yellow line.

In any other week, that would mean that the other players would cast the deciding vote between them. But this time the vote goes to viewers.

Find out if Joe or Jackson round off the final three when "The Biggest Loser's" live finale airs next Monday night at 8 p.m. on NBC.

Who are you rooting for in the final weigh-in next week? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.

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