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Omarosa breaks down in tears on 'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice'


Sunday marked an unusually emotional night in the boardroom, as the all-stars found out who won the latest challenge on "Celebrity Apprentice," and who lost a chance to go on in the competition.

Following a photo-booth battle, the two teams -- one led by villain Omarosa and the other by rocker Dee Snider -- faced off before the big boss. They delivered their arguments, and Donald Trump delivered his decision.

"Dee, congratulations," he said with a grin before adding, "You lost!"

With that brutal fake-out out of the way, Omarosa celebrated her victory with tears -- lots of tears. After all, with the win, she nabbed $40,000 for The Sue Duncan Children's Center in honor of her former fiancé, late actor Michael Clarke Duncan.

"You're going to ruin your image," Trump said of the always-tough and rarely-likable player as her tears continued to flow.

As for her teammates, they thought her reaction was right in line with her image.

"That's like an Oscar winner over there," Dennis Rodman said of his weeping leader.

La Toya Jackson put it plainly.

"I truly believe she's using this … to manipulate herself through the game," she said. "Omarosa believes that she's getting away with this little game that she's pulling and thinks that nobody's on to her."

As for Dee's team, they weren't too concerned about the emotional outburst. They just wanted to know who was going home.

After one more fake-out ("Penn, you're fired! I'm only kidding"), Trump sent Dee packing.

What did you think of Sunday night's action? Do you believe Omarosa's tears were real or just part of her plan? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.

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