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Jon Stewart: Bill O'Reilly should be the new pope

Comedy Central

Next week's papal conclave will mark the beginning of the official process to elect a new pope, but according to "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart, there's no need to go through all those cardinal candidates.

Once Steward learned that any Catholic male could qualify for the position, he suggested his pick to replace Pope Benedict XVI.

"I already know a male catholic who's got an inside track on infallibility," he said while looking thoughtfully at a graphic of his Fox News foe Bill O'Reilly.

According to the host, there was just one hitch in his "popeful" plan. The job would mark a major move for "The O'Reilly Factor" host.

"Would O'Reilly accept a demotion?"


Of course, Stewart knows his personal favorite doesn't stand a chance in what he calls "the race for the next pontiff." So he took a closer look at someone who's widely regarded as a much more likely candidate, Argentine Cardinal Leonardo Sandri

"Leonardo Sandri says he's infallible," a mock, smear ad began. "But just last week, he picked Bradley Cooper in his Oscar pool."

So who gets the top spot? Only time -- and the conclave -- will tell!

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