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Justin Timberlake fans brave winter weather ahead of 'SNL' gig

For the second time in a month, a Justin is causing people to lie down for hours at a time on the snowy sidewalks of New York City.

Fans of Justin Timberlake -- just like those of Justin Bieber in February -- were camping out Friday during wet winter weather in the hopes of catching the singer/actor on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend.

TODAY's Willie Geist headed outside of the 30 Rock studios to assess the line length and find out why Timberlake's fifth appearance as host was worth the wait.

One couple drove 13 and a half hours from New Brunswick, Canada, and set up camp Tuesday morning at 5 a.m.

"Do you love Timberlake that much?" Geist asked a man named Mike. "Uh, he's all right," Mike said.

"He's all right?! You're sleeping in the snow and you drove 13 hours, he's all right? You gotta show a little more enthusiasm," Geist insisted.

Mike's partner in patience, Kayla, told Geist the couple is soaked all the way trough. "We're just kind of shivering ourselves to sleep."

Bieber fans weathered similar elements the weekend of Feb. 8 when winter storm Nemo was bearing down on the city. Geist stepped out on that pre-'SNL' Friday as well to find out what fans were thinking. Check out the video.

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