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What if 'Walking Dead' and 'Breaking Bad' had aired in 1995?

A TV show about a teacher-turned-meth-dealer and another about the zombie apocalypse probably wouldn't have made it to the small screen in the 1990s. It just wasn't that kind of decade. In 1995 nobody was really concerned about this relatively new concept of original, scripted shows for cable TV. Who would watch?

Fast-forward to 2013 and we know the answer to all of that -- there are loads of good shows on cable, and some of them really push the envelope. But YouTube user GoesToEleven likes to live in "what if"-land, and has recreated the opening credit scenes for both "Breaking Bad" and "Walking Dead" in a relentlessly upbeat, cheery style reminiscent of TV from the Bill Clinton years. (For "Breaking Bad," he's even made it look as if there's a glitch on the VHS tape allegedly playing the intro.)

According to the YouTube notes, he's making an "homage to the amazing and terrible television intros of yore." The scariest thing is just how "right" these shows suddenly feel in their new opening disguises. Watch and be both horrified, and amused -- and delight in the strides TV storytelling has made since.

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