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Tim Gunn treats 'Biggest Loser' contestants to major makeovers

Trae Patton / NBC

Danni shows off her new outfit with fashion guru Tim Gunn at her side.

The ultimate goal for every contestant on "The Biggest Loser" is to make it all the way to the end of the game (and, of course, to win). But barring that rare distinction, there's one other almost-universal goal on the ranch: to make it to makeover week.

Evidently, there's just nothing quite like following up weeks of grueling workouts, flaring tempers and over-the-top temptations with an opportunity to get dressed up, made up and shown off.

On Monday night, the five remaining players and the three kid participants celebrated making that mark -- in style.

"Project Runway's" resident fashion guru Tim Gunn guided the "Losers" to their new looks.

Danni beamed as she slipped on her very first pair of skinny jeans. For Gina, the opportunity to pour herself into a leather skirt reminded her that she might be the oldest in the game, but she's far from old.

Even Joe, who hardly seemed like a guy who worried much about fashion, couldn't hide how happy he was about his jeans-and-pullover ensemble. Tim was impressed too, paying Joe an odd-but-fitting compliment.

"If I were a cook and you were a cake, I'd say, 'It's close to fully baked,' " the fashion expert bragged.

And before long, Tim got a compliment of his own.

"Tim Gunn is excellent for giving advice for clothes," said 13-year-old Lindsay after her fun and funky makeover. "I just want him to live in my closet!"

(Get in line, kid.)

Sunny, 16, was just as pleased. But there was one fashion holdout in the underage bunch -- Biingo.

"When it comes to fashion challenges, I may place a 13-year-old boy at the very top of the list," Tim said of his struggle with to get the young one in "some long pants and a proper top."

Eventually, Biingo gave into it, but despite his assurance that he'd wear his new look, he wasn't really fooling anyone. He could hardly wait to get back into his signature shorts-and-hoodie combo.

Once their fairy godfather was done with them, the gang moved on to hairdresser Ken Paves to complete their makeovers. Then there was just one more stop for each "Loser" -- a trip back home.

Yes, the players packed up and left the discipline of the ranch behind to show their families just how much they've all changed. But for one contestant, it was another family member who showed off a big change.

Joe went home and revealed his 103-pound loss only to discover that his identical twin brother was just a few pounds behind him.

"We just looked at each other and we were like, 'Yeah, we're there; we're doing this," Joe said.

But there was still something else the grownup contestants had to do. Before returning to the ranch, they each had to drop 5 percent of their body weight -- that is, if they wanted immunity.

Despite dinners out with their families and bar stops featuring plenty of fried finger food, they all managed the task -- and looked good while they did it.

What did you think of the makeovers? Who's new look looked best? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.

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