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'Celebrity Apprentice' all-stars: Who has the winning edge?

It's almost time to get fired up again! Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice" returns Sunday night for the series' first-ever all-star season, and if the familiar faces joining the competition bring even a little of their past behavior to the boardroom, it's sure to be -- as the boss himself would say -- yooge.

Adam Olszewski / NBC

Of course, with such big personalities vying for bragging rights (and a whole lot of cash for the charities of their choice), it's hard to imagine it not being bigger and better than the seasons before it. These celebrity corporate climbers already know how to play the game, after all.

Or at least they think they do.

Trump is sure to keep them guessing this time around, and he'll have the help of even more past players with their own agendas.

So who'll have the winning edge going into the competition? As always, it'll come down to strategy.

Perhaps Dee Snider and Penn Jillette, both from "Celebrity Apprentice's" fifth season, will work together this time against the competition. Then again, if the season two celebs (Dennis Rodman, Brande Roderick and Claudia Jordan) found some clever way to ally, they'd have numbers on their side -- though not quite as many as the season four folks (La Toya Jackson, Gary Busey, Lil Jon and Lisa Rinna) would have if they plotted together.

As for the season one gang, consisting of -- in part -- Trace Adkins, Stephen Baldwin and Marilu Henner, it's hard to imagine them joining ranks with their fellow alum Omarosa, the three-timer who first made her villainous mark on the freshman season of the original "Apprentice."

But the "Celebrity Apprentice" isn't like other reality TV competitions, and alliances can only help so much. In the end, the boss is looking for a standout, so it's really a game of one.

In that case, maybe the advantage goes to season three's Bret Michaels. Not only is he the only one representing his season, but he's also the only one in the all-star game who's a past winner.

The boss, however, doesn't see that as a plus at all. Trump recently visited TODAY and revealed that he thinks the rocker made a mistake by returning to the competition.

"Well, I think he shouldn't have done it," Trump said of the returning victor. "This is like a champion ... it's like a heavyweight champion who gets knocked out (after) trying to come back."


See which players get ahead in business when the all-star season of "The Celebrity Apprentice" kicks off March 3 at 9 p.m. on NBC.

Which all-star do you think has what it takes to beat the others in the boardroom battle? Take our poll below and share your thoughts about the upcoming season on our Facebook page.

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