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Donald Trump promises 'tough and mean and nasty' 'Celebrity Apprentice'

The ultimate "Celebrity Apprentice" face-off is about to begin. The best of the best, the worst of the worst, and all the fan favorites in between are set to return for the show's first all-star season, and according to boss Donald Trump, the quest for the top job is going to be wild.

"It's probably as tough and mean and nasty as we've had so far," he told Matt Lauer during a Wednesday morning visit to TODAY.

That's not hard to imagine given the polarizing personalities ready to clash for another shot at reality TV glory. Bret Michaels, Gary Busey, Dennis Rodman, La Toya Jackson, Dee Snider, Lisa Rinna, Lil Jon, Penn Jilette, Marilu Henner, Stephen Baldwin, Trace Adkins, Claudia Jordan, Brande Roderick and classic 'Apprentice' villain Omarosa are all onboard.

In fact, from what Trump has seen of the unaired action so far, one star is at the heart of many of those clashes.

"A lot of people are not getting along with Omarosa," Trump said to the surprise of absolutely no one who watched Omarosa's first stint on the show. "She's brutal!"

But it's not all about boardroom backbiting. The stars have another big objective.

"They've raised millions and millions of dollars with 'Celebrity Apprentice' for charity," Trump boasted of the all-stars. "I'll tell you, the first night (of the new season), we raised over $1 million for one charity."

See what else the big boss and his daughter Ivanka Trump had to say about the show in the clip above, and catch the charitable acts and "mean and nasty" gameplay for yourself when the all-star season "Celebrity Apprentice" premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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