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'Walking Dead' gets gross with gruesome zombie pet scene

Gene Page/AMC

"The Walking Dead" has treated us to some truly horrific visuals in its three seasons. Who can forget Rick and Glenn smearing themselves with zombie guts or Daryl disemboweling a walker to find evidence of a Sophia snack?

This week, Andrea moved up the grisly leaderboard with her "adoption" of a pet walker.

Hey, some people declaw and neuter cats, so maybe it's not fair to judge Andrea, or Michonne before her, too harshly for neutralizing the danger of their own special "best friends." In the post-apocalyptic zombie landscape, that means literally disarming the walkers and treating them to some special Abominable Snowman/Hermey-style dentistry.

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Warning: It's best to watch this scene from "I Ain't a Judas" -- in which Andrea takes a hatchet to a walker's arms and smashes his face against a rock -- on an empty stomach.

You've been warned.

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