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MTV accused of editing 'Teen Mom 2' to imply domestic abuse


Kailyn Lowry on "Teen Mom 2."

“Teen Mom 2” fans were shocked as they watched the show’s normally level-headed star Kailyn Lowry explode in rage at her boyfriend (and now husband) Javi Marroquin, and admit to hitting Jo Rivera, the father of her child, in the new trailer for the show’s upcoming fourth season. The incidents had some viewers wondering if Lowry would face domestic violence charges, much like “Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood did after she was caught on camera hitting and kicking her then-boyfriend Gary Shirley in 2010.

In the MTV clip, it appears that Lowry screams at her boyfriend, then proceeds to get physical with him, causing him to walk out on her.

It’s a case of crafty editing intended to make the young mom look like a hot-tempered abuser, said Lex Lopez, a friend of Lowry’s who witnessed the incident when it happened almost a year ago.

“She never hit him,” Lopez told The Clicker. “She pushed him out of frustration and was instantly sorry for her actions.”

"This is a docu-series and the scenes shown are accurate portrayals of each young woman’s story – the trailer includes a confrontation that took place between Kailyn and Javi, and shows her expressing her feelings about it," an MTV spokesperson told us. "Viewers will see this event unfold later in the season." 

According to Lopez, the incident was the result of a disagreement between Lowry and Marroquin over where to put their dogs while an MTV crew filmed a scene for “Teen Mom 2.”

“That day there were 14 people in Kail’s tiny house, including an eight-person camera crew. It was so hectic and Kail was very frustrated and she just lost it for a minute,” Lopez said. “Javi forgave her that day, even though MTV tries to make it look like he leaves the house after the incident. In fact, he went outside to go help his parents fix Kail’s car.”

Lowry, who saw the trailer before fans, apologized to Marroquin, his family and her fans for the incident they were about to see.

“I just want to publicly apologize in advance to my fans,” she told Starcasm.net. “Even though Javi and I have moved on from it, I want to say I’m sorry again to him and his family for letting my emotions get the best of me. I know how humiliating that is for them and I’m humiliated myself.”

She also revealed that she suffers from bipolar disorder, and that the incident made her realize she needed help.

“Kail has known she was bipolar for a long time but just wasn’t getting help for it because she didn’t want to believe,” Lopez said. “She got another opinion, and is now in counseling and taking medication.”

As for the incident involving Rivera, MTV's camera's have him on tape saying, "She punched me in my face!" Lowry is later seen admitting some violence when she cries, "I (expletive) hit him!"

A source with close ties to the show -- who requested anonymity -- said that the young mother did not beat up her ex. According to the source, cameras were not present for the alleged altercation.

Lowry filed an order of protection against her ex, but later withdrew it.

“She snapped,” Rivera told The Clicker of the incident that happened in front of his parents’ house. “I tried to push her away, but (nothing) more. (Her filing) the PFA was more of a way to get back at me than to protect herself.”

No charges have been filed against Lowry for either incident, according to the Whitehall Township Police Department in Pennsylvania, where Lowry resides.

Season four of “Teen Mom 2” premieres Feb. 18 on MTV.

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