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Steve Wilkos hit in the head with metal bowl during taping

Fist fights, wig pulling, shoe throwing ... all of these are common occurrences on talk shows such as "The Steve Wilkos Show" and "The Jerry Springer Show." But Wilkos, Springer's former on-set security guy who moved on to host his own program, got pulled into the fracas during a recent taping of his show.

On Friday's episode, titled "My Daughter Tried to Poison Me," the former Chicago policeman was hit in the head with a metal bowl. (Ouch!)

It all went down when guest Thomazina received some shocking lie-detector test results. Wilkos was trying to calm his guest down as a security member of his team tried to physically restrain the woman. That apparently didn't work out so well, as Thomazina managed to get her hands on the decorative bowl and hurl it.

Wilkos was hit right above the eye, and with such force that he went down on the stage. "I'm sorry, Steve," Thomazina can be heard saying off-screen.

As for the offending bowl? "Bowl is still part of the set," Jennifer McIntosh, the show's publicist, told us. "There is a chest on set with two items -- the metal bowl and a smaller wooden box. Both were bolted down the night of the incident."


Check SteveWilkos.com for the show's air times and channel in your area.

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