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Anderson Cooper bashes 'fake' 'Bachelor': 'These reality shows are damaging us all'

Anderson Live

Anderson Cooper is no fan of "The Bacheleor."

Anderson Cooper is not a fan of "The Bachelor," and he wants everyone to know it.

On Tuesday's episode of "Anderson Live," the silver fox accused the dating show of being sham -- and even suggested that some of the bachelors might be gay.

"Haven't we learned this is fake?" he ranted. "These people don't stay together. They don't even last for the reunion show!"

When guest co-host Regina King said she'd like to see Cooper as the Bachelor, the openly gay newsman quipped, "That's how real this show is. I would be the bachelor trying to decide among all these 'lovely ladies'!

"And I've gotta say, there's been a couple of these bachelors where I've been like, I don't think he's really ... Isn't that bachelor checking out (host) Chris Harrison?"

King and Anderson then reenacted a hilarious catfight from the latest show, complete with finger-pointing and this choice quote from one of the bachelorettes:

"My parents said, 'Tierra, you have a sparkle. Do not let those girls take your sparkle away."

"I think these reality shows are damaging us all," Cooper concluded, while acknowledging, "I'm guilty as anybody, I'm not preaching."

Also guilty as charged was guest Emmy Rossum of "Shameless," who, when asked if she's a fan of reality TV, admitted, "I am closetly but only one show: 'The Bachelor.' It's so horrifyingly embarrassing because I want people to think I'm a literate person!"

When Cooper asked whether she questioned its authenticity, Rossum replied, "There's a part of me that does believe in true love ... I think I could probably find an interesting guy if they put 30 cute guys in front of me."

The actress was a good sport about Cooper and King's gift of a "Bachelor" boyfriend pillow (a "really sad" stuffed "arm" for lonely women to cuddle in bed).  

"I would have a meltdown too," she said about the contestants' famous outbursts.

"This house has so much booze in it and seemingly no food," she joked. "I never see these girls eating, and some of them must be PMSing. So they're PMSing and drunk!"

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