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'Days of Our Lives' star dishes on Chloe's return, redemption and new love triangle


A familiar face has returned to "Days of Our Lives": Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) is back in Salem! Just don't expect to see the victimized "ghoul girl" (her dreaded high-school nickname) anymore!

This time, Bjorlin told The Clicker, Chloe is going after what she wants — namely, dreamy Dr. Daniel Jonas, the father of her son Parker. (That's not the best news for Daniel's girlfriend, the recently widowed Jennifer.)

Read on for more scoop from Bjorlin about her return to "Days," what Chloe really wants from Daniel and more!

The Clicker: You've come and gone from "Days" a few times. How'd this return come about?
Nadia Bjorlin: My last exit felt so abrupt with the whole prostitution thing. I was curious myself to see what was going to happen with Chloe and maybe see her be redeemed. The timing was perfect when the show called.

You were back taping in September, but we didn't see you until January because of the show's lengthy lead time.
It was so strange! I'm like ... wait, we're past Christmas and I haven't been on yet? They're so far ahead now.

We thought Philip was the father of Chloe's son Parker, but now it's Daniel. Huh?
At first, I was like, seriously? But flashbacks played out perfectly and pieced the [revised] story together very well out of something that may not originally have been here. The way that they explained it was actually pretty genius.

Does Chloe stand a chance competing against Jennifer for Daniel? She's Salem's sweetheart!
Chloe's actually getting a lot of support! Though, maybe that's just the stuff I'm reading. I try to avoid the negative. Chloe's trying to find herself again and be stronger. She may take that a little too far in the other direction.

Daniel's hot and hunky, and he's a doctor! But what's his true appeal?
Chloe loves Daniel because he's the father of her child. He represents the family unit she and her son could have. She's more in love with the idea of being in love with him — not the actual person. That's kind of sad.

Could Brady, Chloe's ex, still be in the picture? Someone needs to take him away from Kristen, who is just "mean, mean, mean"!
Chloe and Brady were very young when they had their great love. They might find their way back to each other. I think there will always be something between them. You never know.

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