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'Walking Dead' poll: What should the group do about ranting, raving Rick?

Gene Page / AMC

AMC's zombie hit "The Walking Dead" is back! And if you thought the long midseason break was tough on faithful fans, that's nothing compared to how hard it was on Rick.

Of course, Rick's been on the decline ever since he started taking phone calls from the great beyond. The problem is that dearly departed wife of his -- or rather his belief that she hasn't really departed.

On Sunday night's episode, things went from bad to worse. Newcomers Tyrese and his group wanted to stick around the prison. Rick, with his well-founded trust issues, was against the idea. But turning them away would have been a death sentence, a point that wasn't lost on Hershel -- the voice of reason.

But just as it seemed Hershel had managed to convince Rick to take a chance, the leader of the living stopped listening to the voice of reason and started listening to the voice in his head, aka Lori.

As Lori's apparition looked on, Rick freaked out. He ranted, he raved, and he pulled his gun. Tyrese and Co. took that as a "no." Everyone else took it as one bad sign.

But what should the survivors do now? Is it time to leave their leader or change the group dynamic? Take our poll below and then go to our Facebook page and tell us what you thought of the episode.

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