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'Walking Dead' star joins 'MythBusters' for zombie episode

Gene Page / AMC

Michael Rooker plays Merle Dixon on "The Walking Dead."

Just what is the best way to kill a legion of undead baddies? Flamethrower? Shotgun? Machete? Of course, on "The Walking Dead," Daryl Dixon is pretty fond of the crossbow method.

Well, fans of the zombie genre may soon have the definitive answer thanks to the fact-finding crew from "MythBusters."

According to Entertainment Weekly, the best way to kill the (presumably fictitious) creeps will be one of the challenges Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman (or their Build Team) put to the test in an upcoming zombie-themed episode.

The gang will even get some expert help with their zombie-sleuthing. EW also confirms that Michael Rooker, who plays Daryl's mono-handed big brother, Merle, on "The Walking Dead," will make an appearance.

Joining Rooker and the "MythBusters" regulars will be a whole lot of extras. On Jan. 18, the show's official Twitter account posted a call for hundreds of zombie wannabes over the age of 18 to film some time in "late Jan/Feb" in the San Francisco Bay area.

No word yet on exactly when the episode will air, but it will be part of the next season of the "MythBusters" -- along with the highly-anticipated "Breaking Bad" episode -- which returns in the spring.

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