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'Walking Dead' gang keeps mom busy in Time Warner Cable Super Bowl ad

"Walking Dead" fans already know what fun it can be to bring zombies into their homes once a week (at least while the series is airing on AMC). But not too many of them take that interest literally. 

Time Warner Cable, however, in a series of "Enjoy Better" ads to promote its ability to bring your favorite cable shows into any room of your house, has unleashed its undead imagination to show what that sort of life might be like. Answer: A lot more cleaning work for mom.

The longest spot, which ran in select markets during the Super Bowl, features mom chatting on the phone, cleaning off bloody blades, warning her daughter not to feed chained-up walkers, and chastising crossbow-wielding Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) for plunking an arrow into her freshly-painted wall. In shorter versions, she's vacuuming up more than loose change from the sofa cushions and getting an extra hand (and arm) doing laundry.

There are even more videos here, along with similar spots for other cable TV favorites like "Shameless" and "Homeland."

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