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'Sesame Street' head over heels for 'Upside Downton Abbey' in viral video

PBS/Sesame Street

"Upside Downton Abbey."

The world is one huge muddle for Lord Grantham and his (remaining) family members these days, but as their established world order seems to be slowly turning upside down, it turns out "Sesame Street" is one step ahead of them.

In a viral video that in just a few days has already garnered over 500,000 views, the folks at the long-lived PBS educational series have Dowager Countess and Carson puppets doing their very best to get through tea -- while living in a house that is literally upside down. 

The Dowager Countess (perfectly outfitted in lilac and a tilted hat) requests tea, crumpets and a steak-and-kidney pie, all of which are served by an increasingly-frustrated butler (whose "mum" responses get more and more tense) -- and all of which seem to be the only objects in the room that respond to the law of gravity.

Clearly, this situation cannot stand. The Dowager must have her tea! So, after Carson suggests it, she makes a life-changing decision. And, eventually, gets her steak-and-kidney pie -- though not as she might have expected.

Check out the video!

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