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Steven Tyler returns to 'American Idol' in drag

Those who didn't tune in to Thursday night's "American Idol" auditions not only missed a touching performance from one special hopeful, they also missed a dude who looked like a lady -- well, sort of.

Aerosmith frontman and former "Idol" judge Steven Tyler showed up to the Oklahoma City tryouts decked out in a dress, blond wig and ruby red lips.

"What the what?!" Randy Jackson exclaimed as he took in the sight.

Tyler, or rather his alter ego "Pepper," didn't actually go through with a fake audition, but did manage to do some judging of his/her own.

"The roosters may crow," he said of the guys on the "Idol" panel, "but the hens deliver the goods. You know what I'm saying?"

Not really, but at least it was entertaining.

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