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Wilmer Valderrama returns to 'Suburgatory': Are George and Dallas in trouble?


Yoni (Wilmer Valderrama) is confronted by George (Jeremy Sisto) on the next episode of "Suburgatory."

Yoni returns! Wilmer Valderrama is back on "Suburgatory" Wednesday, reprising his role as the zany spiritualist and former flame of Dallas (Cheryl Hines).

Does the hunky Guatemalan's reappearance threaten Dallas and George's (Jeremy Sisto) new romance?  

"Dallas brought him in for the sake of her dog Yakult, who is depressed," Valderrama explained to The Clicker. "But Yoni is coming back with a very specific agenda -- a mischievous agenda: Through spiritual advising and subliminal (persuasion) and a strategic plan, he's hoping to eventually move in with Dallas."

But don't expect George to be rolling out the welcome wagon for the Latin lover.

"There's obviously a big flag for George," the "Awake" and "That '70s Show" alum said with a chuckle. "It makes for a really funny and ridiculous dynamic" between the two men.

The episode, titled "Yakult Leader," is actually a rematch of Yoni and George's first showdown (in season one's "Fire With Fire"), which also centered around Dallas' adorable poodle-Chihuahua mix. All signs point to Yoni going 0 for 2 against George.

"I love how bizarre he is," enthused Valderrama about Yoni, a character he "mutually created" with his friend and showrunner Emily Kapnek. "We kind of pieced him together from the wardrobe" -- white for positivity! --  "to the delivery to who he really is. We had a lot of fun tailoring this character to be so bizarre."

While we await Yoni's return -- "I feel like he might move on to Jill Werner next," speculated Valderrama -- fans can look forward to seeing the actor starring again on the small screen.

"I got the bug to come back to television after my stint with 'Awake,'" he said. "So I closed a deal with 20th Century Fox Television to enter development and to read some scripts this season and hopefully do a platform for me to come back and lead my own show. There's a very high probability that I'm going to return to TV this year. I'm excited because I really miss being in people's homes."

"Suburgatory" airs Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. on ABC.

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