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Goat knocks over TV reporter

Reporter Linda Carson of ABC 7 in Florida may have once thought goats were friendly animals, but after taping a segment at the Manatee County Fair in Palmetto on Tuesday, she's probably a little bit more wary of them now.

While filming in a pen filled with several goats, she learned that the animals didn't quite appreciate her being in their personal space. As she was signing off, she looked down at one of the goats and asked, "Would you not eat my pants?! .... Aaaaagh!!!!"

No, the goat didn't nibble on her slacks, but it did take a step back ... then headbutted her and knocked her over! And once was apparently not enough for the irked animal. As Carson picked herself up off the ground and had a good laugh about it, the same goat charged her again.

Watch the outtake that ABC 7 uploaded to YouTube:

Fortunately, the reporter was unharmed.

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