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'Walking Dead' showdown: Rick vs. The Governor in new trailer


Andrew Lincoln as Rick, and David Morrissey as The Governor on "The Walking Dead."

When "The Walking Dead" last left off on Dec. 2, Rick's group of survivors had successfully infiltrated Woodbury to rescue Glenn and Maggie from The Governor's clutches. And now, the man leading the small town is out for revenge -- especially since Michonne took out his eye. (He got lucky compared to what his comic-book self suffered at her hands!)

"We won't get caught sleeping again," Gov tells confused lady love Andrea in a new trailer released by AMC. No, no he won't. That's because he's planning an attack on Rick's group, which is still hiding out at the prison.

As the trailer teases, the survivors aren't going to be caught by surprise. Warning the gang of the impending battle is -- SPOILER ALERT (hey, it was in the clip!) -- none other than baby-lovin' Daryl. When we last saw the cross-bow toting fighter, The Governor had thrown him into the arena to fight to the death against his brother, Merle, whom Gov had offered up to his townsfolk as the dude who betrayed them.

Clearly, Daryl survives that face-off. There was no other hint as to Merle's fate in the teaser, but seeing as how "TWD" likes to kill people off ... well, viewers can likely expect more casualties in the second half of season three.

"We're going to fight to the death," Rick declares in the trailer. Check it out:

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"The Walking Dead" returns Sunday, Feb. 10 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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