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'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle files assault charges against husband


Jenelle Evans on MTV's "Teen Mom 2."

Updated at 4:30 p.m. ET: Sounds like there's more trouble in paradise for "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans and new hubby Courtland Rogers. 

On Wednesday morning, the reality personality tweeted, "I am getting a divorce, ASAP!" But that wasn't all. She accused Courtland of leaving town while she "might be having a miscarrige (sic)." She is about seven weeks pregnant.

In his own defense, Courtland tweeted on Wednesday (from Ohio, while his lady love is in North Carolina) that he "never did anything to hurt my wife I always loved her with every ounce of my heart :( I can't take life like this!" 

Later on Wednesday, Jenelle tweeted that she had taken legal action against her new husband.

Attorney Dustin Sullivan, who has represented the reality personality on several legal issues and has appeared on the MTV series, confirmed to TODAY.com that she had filed assault charges against Courtland. The lawyer is not representing Jenelle in this latest legal issue. "The State of North Carolina will be representing her because she is the victim in this case," he told us.

All this while Jenelle was reportedly in the hospital for the health scare too. She retweeted a comment by Kristin Raeon (@MisKrisPix) that read, "Jenelle would rather not comment on why she was in the hospital. She is too upset and betrayed." A message from Kristin on the young mom's official Facebook fan page -- run by Jenelle and friend Kristin -- also noted she was in the hospital, and that "Jenelle's conditions are not good, but cannot say more about what happened. "

This drama after yet another fight that the couple took to Twitter on Monday.

"And I am glad to know hat (sic) somebody has sent me. A screenshot of jenelle and (ex-boyfriend) gary talking today ! TODAY," Courtland wrote. 

Jenelle's response? "@courtyb11 want me to blast what y did? Lmfao don't think so."

The MTV personality confirmed on Jan. 16 that she was pregnant with Courtland's baby, her second child. Her mother, Barbara, has custody of her son Jace due to Jenelle's various legal issues. Courtland also has a little girl with his ex.

The young couple tied the knot on Dec. 4 after dating briefly. But after a mere 26 days of not-so-wedded bliss, Jenelle quit the relationship, accusing her husband of being more interested in chatting with his ex than his daughter. They got back together just days later.

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