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George Takei dubs William Shatner 'Star Trek's' biggest d*!$#@

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George Takei told Andy Cohen on Thursday that William Shatner is far from his favorite "Star Trek" co-star.

Captain Kirk and Mr. Sulu got along just fine on the bridge of the USS Enterprise, but in real-life, there's no love lost between the men behind the iconic sci-fi characters. Actors William Shatner and George Takei have long traded barbs and dropped not-so-subtle hints about what they really think of each other. For fans of the stars, the off-screen drama practically qualifies as "Star Trek" spin-off of its own -- and now, there's a new release in the feud franchise.

Takei paid a visit to Andy Cohen's "Watch What Happens Live" Thursday night and offered up an insult unbecoming a Starfleet officer but perfectly suited to the ongoing Shatner vs. Takei battle.

When a viewer wanted to know who "the biggest d-----" on "Star Trek" was, Takei responded, "I think most fans know."

Cohen asked, "Shatner?"

Takei played coy with an "I didn't say anything" answer ... that is, until Cohen quizzed him for more info.

"(About) Bill's d-----ness? Well, he's very self-possessed, self-involved -- everything revolves around the captain," the actor explained.

Especially the cameras. According to Takei, if a director was set to film a "Star Trek" scene with the lens focused on anyone other than Shatner, the main man took action.

"He would take the director off to a dark corner and have a whispered conversation," Takei explained. "And then the director comes back and moves the camera that way (to Bill). ... You know, sometimes that happens. But it happens regularly, and then it begins to be -- 'oh, no!' "

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