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'American Idol' fans tuned in to premiere, turned off by Nicki Minaj

Jordan Strauss / AP

Nicki Minaj made a big impression on viewers after just one night on "American Idol."

After the long wait between the last season of "American Idol" and the revamped 12th season of talent show, fans tuned in to check out the show's return Wednesday night and get their first glimpse of wannabe contestants and new panelists Keith Urban, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj.

The early verdict? According to comments on The Clicker's Facebook page, most wanted to see more from the hopefuls and less from the judges -- and a whole lot less of Nicki Minaj!

"Get rid of Minaj and I might watch...oh nevermind no I won't," wrote Robert Hofland.

Jimm Crouse said, "For the first time in many years I am NOT going to watch! Can't stand Nikki Minaj!!"

It was a sentiment echoed by Georgia Frentz Spencer, who added, "I won't be watching either. I can't stand Minaj. She is awful."

Some of our readers criticized the hip-hop artist-turned-talent show judge for being "phony" and others called her a "narcissist," while still others seemed to take issue with everything about her.

"NICKI ruins the show by her mean spirit and repulsive wigs and makeup," Catherine Joyce explained. "IT SHOULD BE FOCUSING on the contestants not her. The other judges are fine."

Some felt the real problem was with the powers-that-be behind the show, who selected the all of the new panelists. 

"(Producers) knew what they were doing when they hired (Mariah)... and then added (Nicki) to the panel after sealing the deal. They obviously think this will boost ratings... even if it takes away from the talent of the show. Let's hope it backfires on them," Christopher White posted.

Wrote Cosby K. Estell, "It seems the producers are taking cues from shows like 'Dance Moms,' 'Honey Boo Boo,' 'Toddlers and Tiaras'; you know the shows that are all about drama and nothing else."

Only time will tell if Minaj and the rest of the new panel are able to win over "Idol" viewers as the season progresses. As for first impressions? Ratings for the premiere episode were down 19 percent from last year's season opener.

"American Idol" returns Thursday night at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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