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'Walking Dead' midseason trailer teases battle between Rick and The Governor

Gene Page/AMC

Carol (Melissa McBride), Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) take a breather on "The Walking Dead."

Fans of "The Walking Dead" still have to wait until February for the second half of the series' third season, but a new trailer for that midseason return -- which packs a whole lot of teasing -- might make that wait more bearable.

(Warning: Video contains some graphic violence.)

There's chaos in the "town" of Woodbury, as the one-eyed Governor plots out his revenge on Rick and his gang at the prison, while Andrea's loyalties come into question. And Carl, who thankfully has learned when to stay in the house, appears ready to start issuing his own orders and tells his dad, "You should stop being the leader."

There's a whole lot of slicing and dicing yet to come when "The Walking Dead" returns Feb. 10 on AMC.

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