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'Teen Mom's' Ryan seemingly proposes to Maci on Twitter

Louis A Raynor / MTV

Maci Bookout seemed as stunned as fans when ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Ryan Edwards seemingly proposed on Twitter.

Is this some wacky joke? Did someone hack original "Teen Mom" dad Ryan Edwards' Twitter account? After offering ex-girlfriend and "Teen Mom" star Maci Bookout nothing but venom in the last season of the show, little Bentley's dad seemingly proposed to the single mother via social network on Wednesday night.

"@MaciBookoutMTV marry me!" he tweeted.

Maci responded on Twitter with what seemed to be the only logical explanation for the out-of-the-blue marriage proposal: that she thought he had been hacked.

But Ryan denied that and replied, "@MaciBookoutMTV, I would never let that happen ... its (sic)  means that i want to get on one knee an tell you how much i love you."

"Twitter is not the place. ima kill u," was Maci's romantic reply.

What about his girlfriend, Dalis Connell, you ask? Make that ex-girlfriend. Ryan confirmed on Dec. 12 (via Twitter, again) that he is no longer with the model who always seemed jealous of Maci's (unpleasant) relationship with Ryan. Maci is also recently single, having broken up (again) with long-time boyfriend Kyle King earlier this year.

After Ryan and Dalis split, Bentley's parents started to hang out again, and photos of them partying together with friends surfaced online.

So are they or aren't they? Who knows. The latest word from Maci? A retweet of Ryan's latest deep thought: "Never give up on what you believe is right... no matter what gets in the way!!"

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